Technological development

“ In order to get where you want to go, you first have to leave where you are. „
Sandy Elsberg, Bread Winner Bread Baker

Our team of engineers perform research and development activities, mainly in the areas of aerodynamics and renewed energy sources. We are involved in the development of revolutionary solutions for special turbines, renewable energy generators, 3D sails and various other technological solutions.

Primum d.o.o. has the status of research and development organization registered at the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, code: 2996.

Primum has designed special turbine technological solution of the first phase of the ECO-TURBINE project supported by the European Commissions under the HORIZON 2020 program. The second phase of ECO-TURBINE project is currently in implementation. Primum has contributed the initial technological solution for the renewable energy generator that is being implemented in the frame of the OSCI-GEN project.